Protect yourself with external loan insurance at the bank

Protect yourself with external loan insurance at the bank

Facim (Mutual Insurance Industrial Traders) was founded in 1960. The French Mutual Property Insurance is headquartered in the city of Niort in the department of Deux-Sevres.

In order to meet the new needs of its members, Facim has expanded its field of activity by offering services and products in the areas of health, providence, savings, life insurance and the bank.

Choose freely Facim loan insurance

The Cogilaw Company Scheme authorizes the taking out of credit insurance outside the loan organization. The laggard law gives the opportunity to compete to choose the contract that will protect you best and/or will be the cheapest.

Loan insurance credit immo

Loan insurance credit immo

When subscribing to a home loan, it is necessary to also take out a borrower insurance to cover itself in case of problems. The cost of a borrower insurance can vary from one insurance company to another depending on the individual profile of the borrower and the risks it represents. The group insurance contract of the lending institutions presents a group coverage formula at the single rate. A borrower insurance usually costs between 0.15 and 0.30% of the borrowed capital.

  • Unemployment insurance:

The optional unemployment insurance guarantee allows the assumption of repayment of the loan by the insurer in case of loss of employment of the borrower. It should be noted that the insurance will not play if it is a resignation or dismissal for serious misconduct.

  • The waiting period

This is a period that must be waited for before the insurer takes over the repayment of the loan following the finding of a situation covered by the insurance contract.

  • The disability guarantee

Allows the loan repayment to be paid according to the degree of disability of the borrower. This is established in relation to the reference scale established by the social security.

  • Death insurance

This guarantee allows the total repayment of the loan in the event of death (depending on the insured portion).

In general, it is recommended to read the insurance contract in order to have no bad surprises in the event of a loss during the repayment period.

Compare Facim Loan Insurance with Bank Insurance

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Free and no obligation, the comparator insurance loan can allow you to compare many offers from different insurers and achieve in just a few minutes a request for quotes from several insurance companies.

By getting help from a broker specializing in loan insurance, you will benefit from highly advantageous negotiated terms for your Facim loan insurance. With his experience in the field of trading financial offers, the broker Mike will get you the best prices on the market!