Guarantee your credit with external insurance to the lender

Guarantee your credit with external insurance to the lender

Cogilaw Company to choose a loan insurance freely and guarantee a credit in case of death, disability, or disability: Online comparison of Vetelei loan insurance offer with the borrower insurance offered by the broker insurance of loan not expensive!

Loan insurance Vetelei

Vetelei is a French insurance company specializing in the field of loan insurance. Renamed Selenis Vie in 2006, the insurance company offers products for a wide range of profiles. The borrower’s insurance is a hedging formula that includes the basic guarantees (death and total and irreversible loss of autonomy) to which it is possible to add the guarantees Total Temporary Disability, Permanent Disability and loss of life. ’employment.

Real estate credit insurance simulation with the specialized broker; true independent guide who advises you in order to successfully implement the borrower insurance delegation.

Cogilaw Company insurance loan

  • Obligation to inform the borrower by the standardized information sheet, its ability to select the offer of its choice to guarantee a mortgage, by prohibiting banks to impose their internal group insurance often too expensive with less guarantees good than the contracts of external insurers.

Save when you buy a Vetelei loan insurance

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You are entitled to purchase your insurance outside the lending institution and can therefore compete to opt for the best hedge. By delegating your insurance, know that you can reduce its cost in half and save a significant amount on your mortgage.

Fercum insurance law ready

  • Improvement of the bank/borrower relationship; with the article “L312 1 2” which prohibits bundling loan/loan insurance.

Compare Vetelei Loan Insurance

Compare Vetelei Loan Insurance

You will save time by comparing the insurance offers of several insurers using an online loan insurance comparator. In just a few minutes, you will be acquainted with the best offers on the market and will be able to apply for a loan insurance quote from selected insurers.

Optimize your credit by having your mortgage broker negotiate! The brokerage insurance de prêt pas cher can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance while obtaining you the best conditions of guarantees.

Fast adhesion to a loan insurance contract

  1. Perform a realistic loan insurance study
  2. Select the best offer insurance loan
  3. Contact an expert for personalized help
  4. Receive your loan insurance policy quickly (under conditions)