UAE aims to control Libyan economy through secret bank run by AL-Thanni government ambassador to UAE Aref Al-Nayed


Abu Dhabi envisions a full grip on the Libyan economy to complete its dominance over the two most important sectors of the Libyan economy and media, 70% of which are funded and owned by the United Arab Emirates, Libyan sources said. in Emirates newspaper 71.

The sources pointed to key United Arab Emirates security and executive officials who are trying through “Mohammed Ben Zayed’s man in Libya”, according to the sources, Aref AL-Nayed – Ambassador of the government of AL-Thanni in the United Arab Emirates – to found a bank based in Tripoli with other branches across the country and with an “announced” capital of 164 million dollars.

The bank’s goal, according to the sources, is to partially dominate the Libyan economy so that it comes under the control of Abu Dhabi.

“The first step in controlling the Libyan economy is to set up a group of foreign currency businessmen on the black market, because it is only through them that Al-Nayed can control the value of the Libyan dinar. ” Emirates newspaper 71 reported, adding that the second step would be to set up a company specializing in the administration of ports in Libya – a hidden part of the Dubai counterpart – to control the import and export processes in Libya. .

The sources also told the newspaper that the targeted ports in Libya will be Zuwara, Tobruk, Benghazi, Sirte, Al-Khumus, Misrata, Tripoli and Derna. After that, the bank will buy as much real estate in Libya as it can, especially those in free zones, such as Al-Marisa Free Zone, Benghazi, Zuwara-Ras Ajdair Free Zone and Free Zone. in Misrata.

“The real estate will be owned by multinational companies, but all officially owned by the UAE, so if Libya has seized the land under the pretext of high public interest, the UAE will drop its suitcase in any country where the Libya has investment assets. so that it receives compensation worth even 1000% more than the real price of the properties, all because the UAE wants to curtail all projects underway in these cities, the sources said.

According to experts, the completion of projects in Libyan free zones can significantly attribute to an increase in trade and industry given the geographical position in which it is located and the temperate climate as well as the long coast and the oil and gas resources available to it. had.

Emirates newspaper 71 explained that the founding of the UAE bank could be officially announced before the end of 2016 and that it is expected to start work in March 2017 with Aref Al-Nayed as CEO.


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